2017-18 Calendar


February 5th - Rising 1st Year Parent Workshop 5:30-6:30pm

February 6th- Parent Workshop

5:30-6pm "Montessori 3 Year Cycle: The Peanut Year"

6-7pm "Practical Life for Parents"

Feb 14th- Valentine             Drop In





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Elementary (Natalie, Judy, Ellie)

Our year is off to an exciting start with an eager group of students and the new students adjusting beautifully.  The teachers have been busy assessing what students know and planning for their academic progress.  We look forward to sharing this information with you during the upcoming parent conferences.  In the classroom, we have sprouted many seeds to examine roots, identified numerous caterpillars, watched a spider eat a tasty grasshopper, and had a two-day team building field trip including an overnight stay in the Elementary Building and a visit to the Geology Museum and CU Planetarium.  There’s nothing like building a paper fire inside because of rain and "roasting" marshmallows for s'mores in the microwave! Our community goals this year are cohesion, cooperation and respect for the environment, fellow students, and teachers.

Climbing Wall



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