Primary 1 (Marjory and Endia)
Monday, September 22, 2014 at 9:58PM

Primary I has been a bevy of activity these first few weeks. New and returning students alike have been exploring all the new work in our room.  All about me would sum up our first few days. We shared pictures of ourselves and families. We talked about our pets, favorite foods and favorite things to do.  We also talked about friendship discussing what makes a good friend, and had grace and courtesy lessons on respecting others words and work space.

The art and practical life areas are the most popular in our room, followed closely by the sensorial and language areas. Don't worry though, this class can be seen working in all areas throughout the morning.  We are very pleased with how hard working this group is as a whole. There are many times they express disappointment when they are called to the line to prepare to go to the playground. They'd rather finish their work than go outside!

This month we’ve begun our exploration of the senses, first by naming and identifying the five senses. We have had many lessons on nutrition to complement our first sensorial exploration - the sense of taste. The kids have already the had the chance to identify the different types of taste, as well as connect them to the foods we eat.  This began last week with apple tasting and applesauce making. Look out for your children's sensorial observations in the upcoming month.

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