2017-18 Calendar

June 5-9 CMS Closed

June 12-16 Summer Camp Shake, Rattle, and Rhythm

June 19-23 Summer Camp Music with Derrick

June 26-30 Summer Camp Happy Birthday USA

July 3-7 CMS closed




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Primary 2 - Marjory and Judy

Our school year just keeps rolling along! The children are busy in every area of the classroom. The worm bin is finished and our food waste is being turned into rich fertilizer. We will now study the part of the worm, and the differences and similarities between earth worms and red worms.

Now that we know that Earth is the planet we live on, we are going to learn about it in more detail. We will start with the layers of the Earth and then talk about the continents. This brings us closer and closer to home.

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