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Kim and Annie's February News

February 2012

Spring is around the corner and that means planting time!  We began planting seeds in early February to sell at our annual Plant Sale held in late April.  Planting began with herbs and then moves on to tomatoes and peppers and some flowers.  Botany lessons have accompanied the planting—dissecting a seed and naming the parts, an experiment in geotropism and finding out just what a plant needs to grow and thrive!

 Our class has begun the study of the human body!  We borrowed a model skeleton from Gabi and are learning the names of the primary bones.  We took off our shoes and socks and palpated our phalanges, metatarsals and tarsals!  Playing Simon Says is a great, active way to help remember those tricky Latin terms; and its fun to shake your pelvis just like Elvis! 

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