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February 5th - Rising 1st Year Parent Workshop 5:30-6:30pm

February 6th- Parent Workshop

5:30-6pm "Montessori 3 Year Cycle: The Peanut Year"

6-7pm "Practical Life for Parents"

Feb 14th- Valentine             Drop In





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Science and Spanish News

February 2012

The seniors’ science project is in full swing. Deciding on an experiment, researching, findingall the materials needed and figuring out how to proceed with the experimenttook lots of effort and time. Writing a rough draft was a challenging endeavor.Several students have completed their experiments and are recording theirresults. Others are tweaking experiments (lots of trial and error!) before proceeding with the final experiment andrecordings.

 The Juniors are quiteexcited about the science experiments they are able to perform. We investigatedthe mysterious powers of magnets. The students looked into the three states ofmatter, especially liquids. They learned what happens to a solute when exposedto a solvent; does it always create a solution? The seniors explored thesethemes as well.

 In Spanish, throughout theage groups, learning vocabulary, greeting phrases,  and the body song in Spanishkeep the students entertained. Comparing large objects with small ones, soft objects withhard ones in Spanish paralells the sensoral work in the Montessori classroom. The elementary students are startingto form complete sentences with an object at hand, "The white cat runs," for examle.  They record the sentencesin English as well as in Spanish and are able to read them back aloud.

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