June 16-20 Spectacular    Science

June 23-27  Happy Birthday USA

June 30-July 4 - CMS Closed

July 7-11  Music with Derrick

July 14-18 Exploratory Arts

July 21-25 Animal Yoga

July 28-August 1 - West African Drumming and Dance



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 Ping Pong Ball Toss

Elementary students enjoyed the first few days of school, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new members of our community, and getting back to work!  They also enjoyed their first "Stretch Friday" afternoon playing ping pong toss and rug racing.  It was great to see the students cheer each other on, try again if they weren't so great at their first attempt, and to try the activities ourselves!  Stretch Fridays are intended as community building and personal growth afternoons, a time where individuals have the opportunity to stretch out of their comfort zones in a supportive environment.  Our next Stretch Friday will actually begin Thursday, September 20th as we head to the Outdoor Lab, continue with an overnight at CMS, followed by a Friday morning Tri-Arts show, the Burundi drummers, and lunch out!  

Rug Races

Journaling About Day 1

Lunch in the Elementary


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