2017-18 Calendar

June 5-9 CMS Closed

June 12-16 Summer Camp Shake, Rattle, and Rhythm

June 19-23 Summer Camp Music with Derrick

June 26-30 Summer Camp Happy Birthday USA

July 3-7 CMS closed




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Primary II - Susan and Patrick

Practicing Handwashing Susan and Patrick's class has had an exciting first few days of school.   Many returning students are enjoying reconnecting with each other, and are also enjoying forging friendships with new classmates.  All of the children are adapting to the classroom quickly and are busy at work all morning.   Everyone is excited to explore all the areas of the classroom.  Some of the returning students have gravitated to favorite works that they remember.  The class has already had a birthday timeline, learned how to roll a mat, and is practicing sitting behind the red line and walking with quiet feet in the environment.  Lessons will continue regarding classroom guidelines such as carrying a chair, carrying a tray, hand washing and individual snack. 


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