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Elementary-TriArts (Paul Taylor Dance Co)

Fri Sep 19

Elementary Special Lunch

Elementary Books Share - Elementary Bldg

Tue Sep 23-25

Elementary MAP testing

Fri Sep 26

CCC Pizza Lunch (El &Peanuts)

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Parent/Teacher Conferences (Contracted Childcare Only)



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Primary II - Susan and Patrick 

Maria Montessori had a vision that went beyond her curriculum. It was to bring peace to the world through education.  At the core of her educational curriculum is instilling reverence for the earth, the self, each other, the animals, plants, critters, other cultures, etc.  She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times but never received the award. Friday, September 21st is International Peace Day. We will be celebrating by planting a tree near our building that will become our good deeds tree. Prior to planting the tree, we will talk about the parts of the plant.  Then the children will be able to recognize their good deeds or those of others by hanging a symbol on the tree each day. 

We will also begin adding food preparation/nutrition education to our curriculum next week.  Food preparation lessons not only give the children a practical life (cutting, slicing, grating, etc) and sensory experience (taste, smell, etc.) but also one that teaches grace and courtesy.  The children may eat the food they prepare themselves or they may walk around the classroom and offer it to others. We will begin with bread cutting as breaking bread is a universal symbol of peace.

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