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Elementary Students Get Out and Go


February 2012

Valentine's Day week was a "get out and go" week for the elementary.  We worked the week before sewing and weaving to making Valentine's that the students could share, along with our beautiful voices, to residents of Morningside Assisted Living in Seneca.  Derrick had us practicing a variety of songs and we had some discussions about giving our voices as a gift to others.  On Valentine's Day we were ready for a new experience!  It was heartwarming to see the results.  We wish we'd had a video to share with you to let you be "the fly on the wall" to watch your children.  They sounded great, but also smiled and chatted with residents as they handed out the Valentine's.  It was very enlightening to hear their comments once we returned to school.  For most all of our students, this was a first time entertaining people we didn't know and almost everyone of them want to "do it again." (And, the staff and residents at Morningside were so impressed with our students that they invited us back!) Thanks to everyone who helped with this effort.

On Wednesday, the Seniors went to view the Renaissance art at Bob Jones University.  We gained so much insight into the art of that period from a very experienced guide.  The atmosphere and organization of their art museum is well worth the trip!  We knew not to expect a DaVinci or Michaelangelo, but we did discover that their Rembrandt (different period) was on loan to the Louvre!  We also saw a round painting that once hung in Napoleon's house.  Students are starting to grasp the age and significance of the artists we have studied.

We always try to get students to 'try something new' and we think of eating out as being another opportunity to do so.  But, eating at Los Amigos prompted many to order a cheese quesadilla and then eating at Pita House in Greenville many were eating a cheese pita!  We ordered some grape leaves, falafels, and spinach pie to let everyone try something different!  Slowly the students are finding that they like some foods that they have never tried before.   

Seniors have read and researched about the daily life of this period, have fantasized about being an apprentice, or better yet a lord or lady, and studied some of the art and literature.  We will complete looking at the Renaissance by Spring Break by putting together the information they have collected in some type of newsletter or magazine format.  Each student will have input in this project as it evolves!.


Around the world in Susan and Mary Heyward's Class


February 2012

Since school resumed after the holidays, Susan and Mary Heyward’s  primary classroom has been abuzz with activity. The students have been making educational discoveries every day. The class has grown in size by two. January and February were fairly busy birthday months. February 14 brought an enthusiastic turnout of loved ones who came to see their little stars shine. And two parent presenters visited the classroom to broaden students' cultural understanding.

Janet Lee, Jackson’s mom, visited the class in late January to talk about the unique customs of the Chinese New Year and to share some good books on the subject. The students passed around a beautifully decorated red paper envelope. During the Chinese New Year festivities, envelopes like this are traditionally given to children (with money inside) in celebration of the new year and signifying prosperity. The class got to determine in what year of the Chinese calendar each student was born. The students were excited about the fact that this is the year of the Dragon, because, hey... dragons are pretty cool. The class kept with the one traditional Chinese New Year custom by having oranges (well, clementines) for snack that day. Students learned that the festivities celebrating the arrival of a new year begin with a new moon and end with a full moon. In the classroom, students were invited to create fun red Chinese lanterns to hang in the classroom as reminders that the new year is celebrated in different ways around the world. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Next, Amy Moran came to talk about Antarctica. Since the class had been focusing on Antarctica, Amy's visit was a big hit and a timely one. The students learned that Amy is a scientist who has lived and studied (and scuba dived!) in Antarctica. She gave a presentation including photos, audio recordings and video recordings from her time there. The class was able to hear the sound of the wind which ceaselessly whips across the barren frozen face of the southernmost continent. They saw pictures of the large laboratory complex where scientists go to discover more about this fascinating part of the planet. The students learned that scientists are limited to one-year-long stints at the outpost due to temperatures and isolation. Another highlight of Amy's presentation was the animals! The students learned that the incredible underwater song of the seal is starkly different from the raucous bark normally associated with seals. They saw photos of whales and videos of baby seals and penguins. The students wanted to see many of the slides again and again and their enthusiasm was evident in their questions and on their faces. Overseeing the excitement in the classroom that day was a real (stuffed) Adelie penguin on loan from the CU museum! The beautiful bird definitely had a commanding presence in the classroom even though it was only 2 feet tall and has been dead since 1959. If you wonder whether your child was paying attention during Amy's presentation, ask him/her what scientists look for when trying to identify penguin populations in satellite photos! Amy's visit definitely offered a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm for the wonders of Antarctica.


Pumpkin Sale!

What: Clemson Montessori School Pumpkin Patch & Gourds Sale

Dates:October 13, 2013 through October 31, 2013, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily

Location: 207 Pendleton Road, Clemson (Campus of Clemson Montessori)

Cost: Pumpkin prices start at 50 cents on up

Stop by Clemson Montessori School and browse its annual Pumpkin Patch & Gourds Sale. Featuring gourds of all shapes and sizes, all pumpkins were grown on the Navajo Reservation, in Farmington, New Mexico, and are perfect for all your fall festivities.

Proceeds benefit the school’s Parent Teacher Organization.


PTO Fundraisers

Dear Parents,

I want to share some free and easy ways we can raise money for the Clemson Montessori PTO-

  • SCRIP - I'm sure many of you have heard of the SCRIP Program but you may not be aware of how easy it is to use. You can purchase gift cards through Clemson Montessori from wide variety of national retailers and restaurants (including online retailers such as Amazon and iTunes); you receive the full value of the gift card and the retailer contributes a percentage of the sale to CMS PTO. I have attached a list of retailers (also online at and a SCRIP order form. In the past SCRIP orders with payment were due Tuesday for pick up on Friday. I know how challenging it can be just to get out the door in the morning with out having to remember one more thing; so feel free to call the office or email me your order and drop your payment by any time including Friday when you pick up your gift cards. I can also usually accept orders all the way up to Thursday morning.
  • Grocery Store Rewards - Anyone who shops with a rewards card can take advantage of this opportunity to raise money for the PTO. Simply register you card and the school will start receiving benefits. Food Lion MVP- go to and follow the instructions to register your card; our school code is 21868. Ingles Advantage Card- go to and follow the instructions to register your card; the school code is 11436.  BILO Bonus Card- Pick up Bi-lo Booster Plus enrollment form in the office. I have not found any current  information about Publix participating in a school rewards program.I know they did in the past; if anyone has info about Publix or any other rewards programs please enlighten me. 
  • Upstate Locally Grown - USLG is an online farmers market that makes fresh local food available to members once a week and their weekly food pick up is right here at Clemson Montessori School. On Wednesday Donna Putney will deliver your order to the gravel lot on the Elementary Campus and for every order brought to our school USLG donates 3% to the PTO.( This includes orders made by families unaffiliated with the school so encourage a friend to sign up!) Your can order once from Upstate Locally Grown with out joining however to continue ordering you must pay a $50 annual membership fee. Visit their website for more info or to register

As a parent I know that Clemson Montessori School is already a significant part of your family budget that is why I am pleased to share these fundraising opportunities with you. In each instance you receive the full benefit of the products you purchase while CMS PTO is rewarded by your purchase. ( Some of you Econ folks remind me if this qualifies as a positive externality- it's been a while since 101). In any case my Dad would have called it a win-win. I would especially like to encourage you to give Upstate Locally Grown a try - give The Omnivores Dilemma a read or watch Food Inc if you wonder why. As always call or email if you have any questions or stop by and see me in the office.



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