2018-19 Calendar


CMS will be closed Monday December 10th due to inclement weather 





Pre-Primary - Trish and Sam

Trish and Sam's children have been busy exploring the classroom environment, learning a new morning routine, and meeting new friends. The focus has been on choosing one work at a time and returning it to the shelf, working at a table or on a mat, and on reinforcing bathroom skills, especially hand washing. Rolling a mat is more difficult than it appears, but the practice is fun! Please remember to mark book bags and coats with your child's name.  Thanks!


Primary I - Marjory and Judy

Marjory and Judy's class is having a great first full week of school!  The students are picking up on the routines quite quickly, are making new friends and having lots of fun.
The students are very excited to begin working on their "All About Me" books. Each child needs a picture of him/herself, family, pets and home to include in the book.   Also please email or send a note with the phone number you would like us to teach your child.  Classmates are also enjoying looking at each other's collages of summer fun! 

Primary II - Susan and Patrick

Practicing Handwashing Susan and Patrick's class has had an exciting first few days of school.   Many returning students are enjoying reconnecting with each other, and are also enjoying forging friendships with new classmates.  All of the children are adapting to the classroom quickly and are busy at work all morning.   Everyone is excited to explore all the areas of the classroom.  Some of the returning students have gravitated to favorite works that they remember.  The class has already had a birthday timeline, learned how to roll a mat, and is practicing sitting behind the red line and walking with quiet feet in the environment.  Lessons will continue regarding classroom guidelines such as carrying a chair, carrying a tray, hand washing and individual snack. 






 Ping Pong Ball Toss

Elementary students enjoyed the first few days of school, reconnecting with old friends, meeting new members of our community, and getting back to work!  They also enjoyed their first "Stretch Friday" afternoon playing ping pong toss and rug racing.  It was great to see the students cheer each other on, try again if they weren't so great at their first attempt, and to try the activities ourselves!  Stretch Fridays are intended as community building and personal growth afternoons, a time where individuals have the opportunity to stretch out of their comfort zones in a supportive environment.  Our next Stretch Friday will actually begin Thursday, September 20th as we head to the Outdoor Lab, continue with an overnight at CMS, followed by a Friday morning Tri-Arts show, the Burundi drummers, and lunch out!  

Rug Races

Journaling About Day 1

Lunch in the Elementary



Parent Night 2012-13

It was great to see everyone at the Preschool Parent Meetings tonight!  New families picked up a Parent Handbook, which you can find online in our Parent's section.  I proudly introduced our preschool staff, Trish and Sam in the Pre-Primary, Marjory and Judy in Primary I, and Susan and Patrick in Primary II.  Parents also met Ellen, who will be our office coordinator.  I highlighted a few points pertinent to parents, then classroom teachers highlighted items pertinent to your main concern - your children!

A few points for parents included:

Consistent attendance is key!  Please ensure your child benefits from practicing Montessori lessons by attending school regularly.  If your child is sick, email the office,  If your child will have planned absences, let teachers know in advance.

Help our community stay safe!  Parking lot safety is a must, therefore please hold your child's hand from the parking lot to the drop off spot.  When we dismiss your child, please hold your child's hand until you reach the car.  As Pendleton Rd. is so busy, please refrain from children playing in the front yard of the school.  When you park, please pull in on the gravel and out on the paved driveway.  

Help our community stay healthy! Children who have had a fever or vomited in the last 24 hours should stay at home.  Chldren who do not feel up to the day's activities, regardless of the presence of fever or vomiting, should stay at home.  If your child needs to be given medication at school, please complete a Permission to Administer Medication form, found in the Parent's section of the website.  Prescription medications must be in the original container.

Accidents hopefully do not happen!  But, in the event that a child is injured, all of our staff are First Aid/Basic Life Support certified.  Typical injuries involve washing, neosporin, and a band aid.  In the event a serious injury occurs, parents are notified and appropriate measures taken.

Energize all day!  If your child stays at school through the afternoon, please pack a lunch, involving your child in the process.  You will find fatastic lunchbox guidelines and suggestions in our Parent Handbook, as well as quick nutritious breakfast options, all written by Susan, Primary I teacher and former nutritionist.

Money Matters!  Please direct any tuition invoice questions to our accounts manager, Sam, at

Are you parenting Montessori style? For great info on Montessori parenting, please take a look at "101 Things parents Can Do to Help Children"

Thanks to those of you who made it tonight.  Pleae join us for our Ice Cream Social Mon, Aug 20th at 6:30pm!