2018-19 Calendar


CMS will be closed Monday December 10th due to inclement weather 





Primary 1 - Susan and Patrick

We have an exciting week coming up.  Our pumpkin is scrubbed and ready for carving….well, almost.  First, we will need to gut our pumpkin.  While doing so, we will ponder whether a pumpkin, which isn’t very sweet on its own, is a fruit or a vegetable.  We will also discuss the parts of our pumpkin just as we did our apple. 

We will be making Aztec sun masks this week for our Halloween parade.  On Wednesday, we will all be wearing our pajamas.  Around mid-morning, we will march around the playground in our beautiful masks while Derrick entertains us with his fun songs.  The week will culminate with a tasty snack of pumpkin pancakes.  Like I said, exciting!         



Primary 2 - Marjory and Judy

Our school year just keeps rolling along! The children are busy in every area of the classroom. The worm bin is finished and our food waste is being turned into rich fertilizer. We will now study the part of the worm, and the differences and similarities between earth worms and red worms.

Now that we know that Earth is the planet we live on, we are going to learn about it in more detail. We will start with the layers of the Earth and then talk about the continents. This brings us closer and closer to home.


Pre-Primary - Trish and Sam

Wednesday, October 31st will be "Pajama Day"! Everyone gets to wear your favorite P.J.'s. We will be making masks in the classroom and celebrate on the playground with a mask parade.

It's time to change out your child's extra clothes, so as you bring in warmer extras, we will send home the ones we have. 

NOTE: Please send mittens, not gloves. It is much easier for children and teacher alike.


Primary II - Susan and Patrick

Autumn has already begun to bestow its beauty on us in various shades of orange, red, yellow, and green. We will celebrate the beauty of this month beginning with an experiment to extract the colors out of a leaf and discuss why leaves change color. We will also learn about the parts of a leaf and various leaf shapes, and to identify the different types of leaves that we see every day on our playground. You may even find a leaf rubbing, a marble painted leaf or a leaf book come home in your child’s backpack in the coming weeks. We would love to have your child share a cool autumn leaf they find (on the ground) on a hike, a trip to the park or in your backyard. Happy hunting!


Primary I - Marjory and Judy

Next week we are going to continue our study of the Solar System. We will talk about each planet and learn the order in-which they fall in the system. On Wednesday, we will celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday with a special snack that the students will make. We will also have apple tasting, and we will graph our apples by color, taste, likes and dislikes.

We have two timelines next week. River's on Wednesday, and Anastasia's on Thursday. Remember there will not be school on Friday, due to parent conferences. If you have not signed up the sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board on the porch.